Can this career/monarchy be saved?

By Jessica Shaw
Updated December 08, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Falling Family: The House of Windsor

Family Pinnacle: That 1981 wedding watched round the world. Yet ever since the little-bit country Prince Charles married the rock & roll Lady Diana Spencer, the Windsors have weathered more plot twists than Melrose Place.

Latest Misstep: Buckingham Palace wasn’t locked up tight. Despite all the queen’s soldiers, a BBC crew snuck into the princess’ Kensington apartments and filmed the tea-and-sympathy interview that has put millions in Di’s court.

Perceived Problem: ”The royal family isn’t cool,” says Bob Houston of Royalty magazine. ”To the man on the street, Diana is the royal family.”

Next Step: A tete-a-tiara between the loose- lipped princess and the palace about Diana’s destiny.

Advice: Take a cue from MTV: Real Royals. ”I’d love to have them in a Winnebago for 13 weeks,” says The Real World‘s exec producer Jon Murray. Adds Gary Carr of the ad agency Ammirati &Puris/Lintas: ”Anything that gets good numbers will be copied. [Di’s interview] should be fodder for specials and documentaries.” Better still, market those troubles away. Hey, Liz, two words: action figures.