The Secret Identities of Lois Lane

By Bruce Fretts
Updated December 08, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Can’t Get Enough Teri Hatcher from Lois & Clark and don’t know how to download her photos from the Internet? Fear not. Prior to hooking up with Superman, Hatcher developed a healthy body of movie work, now available on video. If you didn’t realize that, you’re not alone. ”Nobody can believe that the girl in Soapdish is the girl playing Lois Lane, which is very flattering,” Hatcher says. Below, she reflects on her films:

The Big Picture (1989) Hatcher plays the girl of aspiring filmmaker Kevin Bacon’s dreams. ”Kevin Bacon had these jalapeno lollipops at the audition. He gave me one. At that time in my life I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m meeting Kevin Bacon!’ I kept that lollipop for about two years.”

Tango & Cash (1989) Sylvester Stallone’s sister—and Kurt Russell’s love interest. ”My mother always said, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ It was a very macho set and a very macho movie. For a while some of the serious casting directors in town thought I was a joke for doing a thing like that.”

Soapdish (1991) A daytime diva. ”I think I have 12 lines in the whole movie, but people walked out going ‘Who was that?’ It’s amazing that you could do that in 12 lines.”

Straight Talk (1992) The woman James Woods jilts for Dolly Parton. ”Dolly is incredibly sweet. And Jimmy is the type of person who really respects people who are there about the work. I’m like that. I’m very into the work.”

The Cool Surface (1994), All Tied Up (1994), and Brain Smasher…A Love Story (1993). Straight to video as an ambitious actress, a kidnapper, and a supermodel (opposite Andrew Dice Clay), respectively. ”You don’t ever think, ‘I’m going to do this movie because it’ll be the worst movie I can ever do.’ The Cool Surface and All Tied Up were the epitome of bad experiences. Brain Smasher could have been a cute spoof. It almost could have worked. It just didn’t.”