The 15 hottest topics for the week of December 1, 1995

By Jim Mullen
Updated December 01, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Princess Di
She’s given the BBC an hour-long interview. And what did she say about her mother-in-law? ”Who died and made her queen?”

2 The Waldholtzes
She’s a congresswoman, he’s allegedly a flim-flam man. Who says only opposites attract?

3 Kathie Lee
She’s ready to quit if she can’t book the guests. But what if Cody and Cassidy don’t want to be on every day?

4 Newt
He says he could’ve solved the budget crisis in 24 hours on Air Force One. But it took him 24,000 hours in Washington?

5 Nick of Time
Johnny Depp must commit a murder or vicious thugs will kill his young daughter. Who says there aren’t any good date movies?

6 Hooters
Male waiters are taking the restaurant chain to task for discrimination. Why not just spill hot coffee in their laps?

7 The Grand Canyon
The budget showdown closed our famed national park. So who ran it the first 4 billion years?

8 Casino
There’s a lot of Oscar talk about Sharon Stone in this Martin Scorsese movie. And most of it’s coming from her.

9 Tonya Harding Marriage
Such a class act. If you want to get a gift, she’s registered at Portland Auto Parts.

10 Money Train
Wesley and Woody want to steal the daily take from the New York City subways. Before the politicians do.

11 Tony Randall
The 75-year-old actor has married a 25-year-old. It wasn’t one of Mia Farrow’s kids, was it?

12 Marie Osmond
She’s sold $3 million worth of dolls on a home-shopping show. That means all her brothers bought one.

13 ”Free As A Bird”
The new Beatles song uses an old tape of John Lennon’s voice. What next: ”Yoko and I Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now”?

14 Johnny Rotten
The Sex Pistol has his own radio program. He’s qualified by a lack of talent, but is he crude enough?

15 Toy Story
The first animated feature to be created entirely on a computer. Now it wants a three-picture deal and a chance to direct.