Topics on daytime chat shows -- Match hosts like Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer with issues they covered

By Shirliey Fung
November 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Jerry, Danny, Ricki, look out! Virtue monger William Bennett and Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut have let it be known they’re out to get daytime chat shows, calling them ”demeaning, perverted, and immoral.” But the hunt could turn into a turkey shoot: How do you tell one from the next? Just try to match the topic with the host.

A. ”My Child Scares Me.”

B. ”I Haven’t Seen You Since Our One-Night Stand.”

C. ”Worst-Life Contest.”

D. ”Do You Want Your Child To Carry a Gun?”

E. ”My Girlfriend Is a Man.”

F. ”Mothers Who Spy On Their Teenage Daughters.”

G. ”My Man’s a Pervert.”

H. ”Girlfriend, I Hate Your Taste in Men, So I’m Picking a Date for You.”

I. ”Your Addiction To Home Shopping Is Driving Me Crazy.”

J. ”I Already Have a Boyfriend, but I’ll Dump Him for You.”

K. ”They Worked Side by Side for Years and Didn’t Know They Were Related.”

L. ”My Life Is a Sexy Small-Town Soap Opera.”

1. Bonaduce
2. Lake
3. Wilson
4. Watts
5. Springer
6. Bey
7. Donahue
8. Carteris
9. Bledsoe
10. Perez
11. Williams
12. Walberg

Answers: 1-I; 2-J; 3-B; 4-L; 5-E; 6-G; 7-K; 8-A; 9-H; 10-C; 11-F; 12-D