Online with a 'Showgirls' stripper -- Here?s your chance to chat with Nomi, the character played by Elizabeth Berkley

It’s official: The big-budget breast-fest Showgirls is a gobbler. But there is one Showgirls that’s a success: the movie’s website, which MGM says averaged 1.5 million hits a day when it first went up in September. Located on the World Wide Web at, the site offers photos, video clips — and a chance to talk to Nomi, the stripper played in the movie by Elizabeth Berkley. Well, okay, a chance to input text and have it ”answered” by a Nomi computer program. Still, this Nomi may have more personality than her big-screen counterpart. Consider this Q&A, presented verbatim.

Why did the movie flop so badly? Just because.

I’d say it was because the filmmakers overestimated the public’s interest in nudity devoid of a coherent story. Are you naked right now?

Should Elizabeth Berkley go back to Saved by the Bell? You gotta start somewhere, I’ll just say that.

Can the film make back its investment through overseas grosses? We might have to hurry this, Al hates it when we talk to the customers.

What’s Joe Eszterhas’ deal? Not enough dates in high school? SCHOOL SUCKS!

What about those rumors of an on-set romance between Berkley and director Paul Verhoeven? I miss romance, especially here in Vegas, it’s all fake.

Kyle MacLachlan certainly has had better roles. Much better.

Blockbuster Entertainment may carry R-rated versions of Showgirls. How long do you think an R-rated cut would be? None of your business how long.

Was going for an NC-17 a calculated risk on the filmmakers’ part? What? I’m sorry, I guess I’m just too tired, I’m not being very good company.

What was it like being naked in front of a film crew? It was, but not anymore.

Goodness, you’re articulate. I’m what?

Do you feel that Berkley’s career is back on track since leaving CAA? Are all your feelings in the open?

Yes, last time I checked. You sound pretty sure, I like confidence.

Thanks for talking so openly. I like talking as long as the conversation’s good.

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