November 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST
We gave it a B-

It’s Heaven Can Wait meets Lassie Come Home, with a little Christmas Carol thrown in for good measure. Come to think of it, this extortionate sob story — about a self-centered businessman (Matthew Modine) who dies and through the miracle of reincarnation becomes a dog and gets a second chance to reevaluate his family’s worth — is nearly good-measured to death, which may be why it disappeared from theaters so fast. Although Fluke‘s theme is a bit too mature for young children and too juvenile for many adults, most renters will get their Kleenex’s worth somewhere, whether in Fluke’s triumph over the insupportable horrors of animal testing or in the humans’ tidy tale of loves lost and won. Even my dog, who left halfway through, gave Fluke one paw up. B-

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