By Nisid Hajari
November 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Dogg Food


As might be expected from its pedigree — producer Dat Nigga Daz (Delmar Arnaud) — Tha Dogg Pound’s much-hyped debut plays almost like a dictionary entry for ”Long Beach rap.” But that doesn’t translate into formula. Although anchored by familiar, rib-shuddering Jeep beats and eerily dazed synths, buckshot rapping spices up Dogg Food‘s predominantly loping gait, and soulful R&B swing, touches of dancehall, and old-school vocals look beyond SoCal. The violent posturing and sexual boasts (most comical on ”If We All F—”) will likely irk Dole & Co. But as an album, Dogg Food should give indigestion only to the already constipated.

Dogg Food

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