By Ken Tucker
Updated November 03, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

The most precious thing a girl has is her reputation,” says Mom (Homicide‘s Isabella Hofmann) in She Fought Alone (NBC, Nov. 6, 9-11 p.m.). ”Man, what planet are you from?” asks her daughter, Caitlin (played convincingly by Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Tiffani-Amber Thiessen). Mom’s sentiment is a good one, but it strikes Caitlin as hopelessly cliched. Unfortunately for her, the cliche is borne out by what follows: After hooking up with a rough crowd in her high school, Caitlin is raped by a football player classmate, played by David Lipper (Full House). The scene is absolutely terrifying, and She Fought Alone, directed by Christopher Leitch (Teen Wolf Too), is generally well done, except for its cheesy alternarock background music by some outfit called Pray for Rain. John Leekley’s script does a good job of depicting a scary high school overrun by its popular football team, whose arrogant, know-nothing members insult teachers and get away with it. But the focus is on Caitlin’s humiliation: Instead of condemning the rapist, everyone scorns Caitlin as a ”slut.” Thiessen’s 90210 castmate and ex-boyfriend Brian Austin Green costars in an awkwardly superfluous role as the guy Caitlin loves, but who joins the ”crew” in shunning her. (Unlike on 90210, it’s glaringly obvious here that Thiessen is a far better actor than the wooden Green.) This TV movie isn’t great drama, but parents might want to watch She Fought Alone, if only to see what sort of society some kids are up against these days. B