By Melissa Pierson
Updated November 03, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Go Fish Guinevere Turner, V.S. Brodie (1994, Evergreen, B&W, R, priced for rental) Girl meets girl, and all of the girls’ girlfriends help make them a couple. In Rose Troche’s lively, jagged-edged story of how Max (Turner) and Ely (Brodie) get together, you become a temporary insider to lesbian culture, and sometimes it’s a hoot (in independent-film black and white, no matter what the video box might lead you to believe). The acting is so wooden it would burn in a fireplace, but you can convince yourself it’s supposed to be that way, as cunningly deadpan as the inventive direction. In matters of both sex and artistic license, this is a rental to make you say, ”Vive la difference.” B+