The video oeuvre of Burt Ward

By EW Staff
October 27, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Make all the bat-shaped cupcakes you want for that Batman Forever viewing party, but remember to put a few aside for a Burt Ward Video Festival. Ever since hanging up his cape, the erstwhile Robin from the ’60s Batman television series has continued to act — thanks to video and low-budget movies such as…

Robot Ninja (1989, Phoenix) Character: Stanley Kane, callous comic-book publisher who allows NBC to do a campy version of his company’s best-selling comic, inspiring its creator to hit the streets as an ultraviolent crime fighter. Batdialogue: ”Lenny Miller’s just an uptight artist. He hates the fact that everyone’s pegging Robot Ninja as the new Batman.” ”Holy Shemp!”

Virgin High (1990, Columbia TriStar) Character: Dick Murphy, uptight dad who sends his wayward daughter to a Catholic girls’ school that her boyfriend is determined to infiltrate. Batdialogue: ”Holy headlights!” ”Holy handful!”

Beach Babes From Beyond (1993, Paramount) Character: Mr. Bun, tanning-lotion tycoon who refuses to throw his annual bikini contest, allowing three intergalactic beauties to win with their out-of-this-world designs. Batdialogue: ”Are you familiar with this guy…the Big Kahonies?”