By EW Staff
Updated October 27, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Oprah on line: (America Online, Keyword: Oprah) Lest anyone doubt that behind the genial facade of America’s favorite talk-show host lurks an ego the size of Lake Michigan, this brand-new site includes a gallery where you can download ”Oprah’s new hairstyle” and ”Oprah’s beautiful smile.” You can also access diet tips (”Drink eight glasses of water a day”), sample video clips of guests like Patrick Swayze, and participate in online polls (”Would you leave your spouse if you found out he or she was having an affair?”). But what’s truly scary are the bulletin boards, in which the Oprah faithful converse about the week’s TV shows. I particularly recommend ”Talking With the Dead”-rarely have so many fatuous messages been posted on so intellectually challenged a subject. B-