What the country is talking about...

By Jim Mullen
Updated October 27, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Get Shorty: John Travolta finds loan-sharking gets him further in L.A. than acting classes: You meet nicer people.

2. Mr. Twister: Santa Cruz wants to jail a guy in a clown suit who feeds expired parking meters. Hell, call the SWAT team.

3. John Bobbitt: He wants to get back with Lorena. It’s the old story; he didn’t know what he had till it was gone.

4. The Menedez Brother’s retrial: What do you have to do to be found guilty in L.A.? Join the police force.

5. Dagwood & Blondie: They’re going to see a marriage counselor. You could see this coming — they treat each other like they’re one-dimensional.

6. Sinatra turns 80: But he still sings like a 79-year-old.

7. The $2 million BMW: The amount awarded to a doctor who sued BMW over a paint job on his new car. And they want to limit malpractice suits?

8. Murder One: ABC exec to-do list: 1) Ask people to tape ER and watch your show. 2) Change time slot. 3) Fire secretary.

9. Live: Anna Nicole Smith’s new unisex fragrance. Instead of a man or a woman, you smell like you’re 90 years old.

10. It will never end: A dismissed O.J. juror reportedly will pose for Playboy. Soon you’ll need an agent to get jury duty.

11. Never Talk to Strangers: It was made only so we wouldn’t have to go a week without an Antonio Banderas movie.

12. The World Series: Some players are happy to be out of it. It would cut into their off-season autograph-selling time.

13. Now and Then: Demi Moore and Melanie Griffith recall their youth. Who can forget Mom’s plea: ”Put your clothes on!”

14. The oldest woman in the world: A 120-year-old Frenchwoman broke the ”old” record. Who does she think she’s kidding? She’s 140 if she’s a day.

15. Three tenors: Their 1996 summer tour is almost sold out. Just last year they opened for Hootie & the Blowfish.