In the beginning

By EW Staff
Updated October 20, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Opening lines from recently published books

”A Tissue of Lies? Could there be a more persuasively apt title for a memoir? Particularly if the rememberer of his past is referring not so much to his own lies but to those of others, and, if I may immodestly boast, I have gone mano a mano with some of the truly great liars of our time.” From Palimpsest, by Gore Vidal

”Sitting in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood, Jonathan and his mother made an odd couple. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him, wondering.” From The Summer Before The Summer Of Love, by Marly Swick

”The first time she saw the members of the Persian Pickle Club, Rita told me after I got to know her, she thought we looked just like a bunch of setting hens.” From The Persian Pickle Club, by Sandra Dallas