By J.R. Taylor
Updated October 20, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Babysitter: Alicia Silverstone, George Segal (1995, Republic, unrated, priced for rental) Forget Kids and those Calvin Klein ads. The Babysitter provides the real proof that aging creative types are hung up on underage sex. This dull straight-to-tape tribute to the sinning-suburbanite potboilers of the 1960s consists solely of folks fantasizing about zombie starlet Silverstone. A salesman fantasizes about Silverstone. Two adolescents fantasize about Silverstone. A 9-year-old fantasizes about Silverstone. And, for variety, a matron fantasizes about Segal. To prove that nothing ever comes of idle daydreaming, the movie’s absurd ending blends all the characters together. D