What I'm Reading: Dave Barry -- The humorist shares his latest literary recommendations, including works by Ridley Pearson and Marcel Proust

By EW Staff
Updated October 13, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

I’m reading Chain of Evidence, by Ridley Pearson. He knows all about killing people in really clever ways, and we eat breakfast together, so I just want to know what he’s thinking. I just finished Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiaasen. I think he writes books because he wants to see his name in big letters so he can remember how to spell it. I also read What It Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer, about the 1988 campaign. It’s about the fact that even though there were 40 million press people covering it, nobody got one single thing right. It’s a big chunk of a book. If we were to drop one copy of it on Bosnia…Of course, I’m also reading the Bible, Marcel Proust, and the complete Aristotle.

Dave Barry’s most recent book is Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys.