Big stars on CD-ROMs -- Celebs are getting in on the computer game scene, including everyone from Prince to Patrick Stewart

By EW Staff
Updated October 13, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Stars from Prince to Z are getting into the interact. Here’s a compact discography of celebs and their CD-ROM appearances past, present, and future.

Interactive (Graphix Zone) Explore a musical maze courtesy of the Purple One himself.

Yasmine Bleeth
Maximum Surge (Digital Pictures) The Baywatch brunet guides you through sci-fi action.

David Bowie
Jump (Ion) Bowie’s futuristic interactive story springs in part from the life of his late brother.

Tia Carrere
The Daedalus Encounter (Virgin Interactive) Wayne’s girl schwings into action in a space game.

Dom DeLuise
Cooking With Dom DeLuise (Allegro) The Paul Prudhomme doppelganger serves up more than 200 recipes.

Erika Eleniak
Panic in the Park (WarnerActive) Under Siege actress plays twins in this midway mystery.

Morgan Fairchild
Multimedia Celebrity Poker (New World) The soapstress joins hands with Joe Piscopo and Jonathan Frakes.

Gilbert Gottfried
Midnight Movie Madness (Medio Multimedia) Up All Night‘s comic host heckles 40 years’ worth of B movies.

Deborah Harry
Double Switch (Digital Pictures) From Blondie to baddie in this interactive thriller.

Dennis Hopper
Grace Jones
Hell (Take 2/GameTek) The ubiquitous villain and statuesque disco diva raise heck.

James Earl Jones
A World Alive (Voyager); Under a Killing Moon (Access) When the voice of Darth Vader narrates a nature program and a sci-fi game, you listen.

Brian Keith
Margot Kidder
Under a Killing Moon (Access) Keith plays a grizzled veteran detective and Kidder a grizzled veteran barkeep.

Dennis Miller
That’s News to Me; That’s Geek to Me (Sanctuary Woods) The acerbic stand-up skewers current events and shticks it to computer lore.

Penn & Teller
Smoke and Mirrors (Absolute) The prestidigitating duo share secrets.

Omar Sharif
The Bridge Deluxe series (Interplay) The card-carrying actor deals the rules of the game.

Patrick Stewart
In the Company of Whales (Discovery Channel Multimedia); Lands of Lore (Virgin Interactive); Titanic (Philips Media) The ex-Picard captains two reference discs and a game.

Donald Sutherland
Conspiracy (Virgin Interactive) As your father in this spy game, he may make you feel like Kiefer.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Sierra On-Line) TV’s F.B.I. guy lends his voice to this New Orleans mystery.