The ''General Hospital'' stud follows up his canceled series with a stint on the sexy Fox soap opera

By Alan Carter
October 13, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Since leaving General Hospital last year, Antonio Sabato Jr. hasn’t stayed in one place too long. Last season’s Earth 2, his first prime-time series, ”was a disaster,” says Sabato, 24. ”I have no trouble saying it sucked. I’m glad it got canceled.” The show’s demise led to a flood of offers, including a six-episode stint on Melrose Place as Amanda’s long-lost abusive husband that insiders say may end with his death. He’s now filming a European miniseries in Vienna (he plays a priest). And Sabato, who played GH‘s brooding boxer Jagger Cates, recently went back to help tie up the plot involving his on-screen brother, Stone (Michael Sutton), who is afflicted with AIDS. But it isn’t likely Sabato will be taking a permanent daytime gig anytime soon. ”I’m there for my good friend Michael and because this is such an important story line.”