TV stars cut their locks -- The gents of ''Friends'' and ''Frasier'' returned with noticeably trimmed tresses this season

By Liza Schoenfein
Updated October 06, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Where did TV’s most eligible men spend their summer vacation? From the looks of their locks, it was at the barbershop. When the fall season debuted last week, it was shear bliss. Did you notice:

Melrose Place‘s reformed bad boy, Jack Wagner, has a tousled schoolboy cut that says, ”Trust me.” (Though we wouldn’t.)

Frasier‘s Kelsey Grammer got a trim that makes him look a bit trimmer. (Bet his barber gets more business.)

Thanks to a brush and some scissors, ER’s roguish George Clooney now looks like Julius Caesar — with a lab coat instead of a toga.

Both FriendsMatthew Perry and Matt LeBlancDavid Schwimmer.

What’s the motivation? Friends stylist John Barrett says his snips were part of a larger plan. ”The aim was to get them looking a bit younger and more natural,” he says. ”When you saw all these friends hanging around in an apartment, they didn’t look like any of my friends. They looked a little bit coiffed.” Clooney, meanwhile, doesn’t want to make too much of his makeover. ”George is very sensitive about the hunk-image thing,” says an ER spokesman, ”and may want to decline a discussion of his hair.” As for the others, well, they’ve obviously just discovered what women have known all along: A new ‘do can work wonders.