October 06, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a B

You’d never know it by watching Saturday Night Live, but Farley’s Baby Huey-as-frat boy shtick can be a hoot. Here, Farley plays Tommy Callahan, a dim-witted lug nut (duh) who must save his dead father’s auto-parts business from his scheming stepmom (the bland Bo Derek). So he and his smarmy sales partner (Spade) hit the road to sell, sell, sell brake pads! Granted, Tommy Boy is no Blues Brothers, but the boys riff off each other hilariously, whether sharing a Carpenters moment or discussing M&M’s’ candy shell. With this tape, fans of lowbrow high jinks will discover a way to have a few laughs again in front of the TV on a Saturday night. B

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