Readers (and Geena Davis!) respond to our Fall TV Preview, ''A League of Their Own,'' and more

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Fall TV-Nation
The start of the fall TV season is always exciting, but confusing. Your ”Fall TV Preview” issue (#292, Sept. 15) helped sort it all out. And the day-by-day grids, showing each night’s lineup by network and time, are excellent. I cut them out, glued them to large index cards, and plan to keep them by the TV. What could be easier?
Cal Kitson
Cranston, R.I.

The fall TV offerings make me glad to have A&E, Bravo, AMC, the Learning Channel, PBS, the Disney Channel, the Family Channel, and CNN. As for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox: a pox on you.
Florence Joiner
Imperial Beach, Calif.

Hmmm…a show following a sensational murder case its whole season; a teenage girl the victim; foul play involving bondage and drugs; Murder One is a groundbreaking ”format bender?” Am I the only person who remembers Twin Peaks? Give David Lynch credit for breaking this ground. Steven Bochco’s just taking the idea to court.
Kristi Hall
Camden, Ohio

The Children’s Hour
Thanks for your article about celebrity offspring. Being a singer/actress, the daughter of Stanley Kramer and godchild of Katharine Hepburn, I must say it hasn’t been easy. I’m glad somebody finally addressed the fact that sons and daughters can make it on their own.
Katharine Kramer
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Star Crossed
Do you have anyone I can talk to about never being mentioned in your magazine again? I’m serious — bad or good. Even if I were in the ”Hot” column of ”What’s Hot/What’s Not.” Just never brought up again.

See, every time you talk about me, you get something wrong. I was mentioned several times in the Aug. 25/Sept. 1 issue (#289/290). Your blurb on A League of Their Own claimed that baseball has been ”berry, berry bad” to me, which is just plain wrong. I adore baseball and am very proud of that movie. Your fall movie preview piece about Cutthroat Island continued your tradition of mean-spirited, error-filled articles about the project. You insist on perpetuating the rumor that Michael Douglas left because his part got too small, although he has consistently said himself that that is completely untrue. And you would know that Charlie Sheen and Michael Keaton were never approached about replacing him if you had checked with the director, the studio, or the casting director.

Therefore, as a result of the tone of your magazine and the high percentage of inaccuracies regarding myself, I hereby respectfully withdraw from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Okay?
Geena Davis
Santa Monica, Calif.

Editor’s Note: We didn’t intend to suggest that Ms. Davis dislikes baseball or A League of Their Own, and we regret any confusion we may have caused. Michael Keaton’s publicist says that published stories saying he was offered the part are incorrect, but the information about Sheen came from Sheen himself. We stand by our story.

A League of Their Own
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