Soap Opera news -- The latest scoop on daytime drama, from ''The City'' to ''One Life to Live''

By Alan Carter
Updated September 22, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Proving there are two sides to every story, this week we find some dark clouds among the silver linings. Good News: ABC has smartly decided not to change the name of Loving to LOVNYC. Bad News: Its new title, The City, isn’t much better. And when Morgan Fairchild joins the show, she won’t play a bitch; instead, the writers say, she’ll be a ”very complex woman.” Why hire one of TV’s top naughties and make her a nicey? Good: Although ABC won’t confirm, the rumor mill says that All My Children‘s Michael (Chris Bruno) may soon come out of the closet. A gay soap character? Great. Bad: Using his sexuality as a plot twist is a cliché. After all, being gay in the ’90s isn’t such a big deal. Good: One Life to Live has incorporated a Latino story line. Bravo. Bad: Talk about stereotypes — did they have to be a maid and gang members? What is this, West Side Story?