Revisiting the '21 Jump Street' grads -- A look at what Peter DeLuise, Richard Greico, and the rest of the crew have been up to since leaving the mean halls of high school behind

By EW Staff
September 22, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Years before he donned ruffled Don Juan finery (not to mention scissor appendages or angora), Johnny Depp played a cop who disguised himself as a high school student in 21 Jump Street. The show’s other actors could all pass for 16-year-olds too — but their careers have since landed in varying degrees of deep cover. Were casting agents too quick to overlook them in favor of Depp?

Peter DeLuise
Character: Doug Penhall, lovable average guy.
Post-Street Low: Played second banana to puny comedic talent Julie Brown in the made-for-cable spoof National Lampoon’s Attack of the 5’2” Women.
Post-Street High: Plays lovable average mutant laborer on seaQuest 2032.
Missed Opportunity: Clownish, befuddled manner would have made him a far more realistic leading man in Benny & Joon.

Richard Grieco
Character: Dennis Booker, sexy renegade.
Post-Street Low: Played Bugsy Siegel in Mobsters, the Tiger Beat-style celebration of organized crime.
Post-Street High: Followed in David Hasselhoff’s footsteps by becoming a rock star in Germany.
Missed Opportunity: Would have been the natural lead for Cry-Baby — if the movie had been directed by Abel Ferrara.

Dustin Nguyen
Character: Harry Truman Ioki, Asian character who — amazingly — was skilled in martial arts.
Post-Street Low: Played Asian guy always in the vicinity of Asian leading men, from Brandon Lee in Rapid Fire to Russell Wong in the Vanishing Son TV movies.
Post-Street High: Nanosecond cameo in Virtuosity, a bomb — but at least it didn’t star an Asian.
Missed Opportunity: Would have been a more obvious choice as the Vietnamese interpreter in Platoon.

Holly Robinson
Character: Judy Hoffs, whose lesbian-kiss episode didn’t get half the attention Roseanne’s did.
Post-Street Low: Circus of the Stars or Live! The World’s Greatest Stunts, you make the call.
Post-Street High: Landed a hit in ABC’s Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper the same year she played Diana Ross in that network’s sanitized telepic The Jacksons: An American Dream.
Missed Opportunity: Would have filled out an angora sweater far better than Depp did in Ed Wood.

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