MTV and Emmy fashion -- Music stars and TV stars came out in high fashion for the award show season

By Degen Pener
Updated September 22, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

MTV and Emmy fashion

Just like their movie-star counterparts on Oscar night, pop and sitcom stars surrendered themselves to the fashion establishment during last week’s MTV and Emmy celebrations.

At the MTV Video Music Awards, young, hip designers and ’60s outfits prevailed. Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe wore Cynthia Rowley and Tracy Feith. MTV newshound Alison Stewart snared interviews in Anna Sui. And Madonna went wholesale on Gucci in hip-huggers, satin shirt, and iridescent patent leather boots. Chances are, these clothes didn’t come from personal closets. ”Designers will pick up the phone and call,” says Jimmy Hanrahan, MTV’s senior wardrobe director. ”It’s getting more out of hand.”

On the West Coast, the Emmy broadcast displayed a simple but showy curve. Giorgio Armani (Glenn Close, Jerry Seinfeld), Calvin Klein (Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer), and Donna Karan (Barbra Streisand, Kelsey Grammer) came close to a three-way lock. This year, no less, Best Supporting Actress winner Christine Baranski didn’t just thank her agents and God, she thanked Chanel.

The MTV Awards
Batman Forever chanteur Seal, who arrived with a surprise escort, tennis pro Mary Pierce, won for ”Kiss From a Rose” and as the evening’s best-dressed man. ”It’s my high-class pimp look,” he said.

”I’m Tina Yothers!” hollered Courtney Love at a fan. Finally, a performer with an honest self-image.

Hey, did someone forget to tell us a remake of Valley of the Dolls may be in the works? Madonna looked eager for the Sharon Tate role, while Tabitha Soren, in Donna Karan, eerily captured that Neely O’Hara look. Janet ”No, my shirt is not a statement” Jackson completed the theme with hair á la Dionne Warwick, who sand the movie’s theme song.

Bankrupt TLC took home four awards, but their tatterdemallon outfits looked already picked over by the IRS.

Drew Barrymore helped design her knockout black widow dress but forgot to bring Band-Aids: Her platform heels took a toll.

The Emmy Awards
David Duchovny took a quantum leap to decades unknown with a brocade tux by Dolce & Gabanna. ”The gray Hush Puppies were my own touch,” he said.

Heading back to her own Dynasty roots in an overdone froufrou pink Nolan Miller gown, Heather Locklear held the torch for pure, unchanging Hollywood style.

Lisa Kudrow outshined her Friends co-stars in a dress by the show’s costume designer, Debra McGuire.

Empty-handed but stylish, George Clooney kept smiling in a tuxedo by Hugo Boss.

Candice Bergen, now a five-time Best Actress winner; also looked the best in a beaded jacket by Armani.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus held up beautifully as Giorgio Armani met Bugs Bunny rabbit ears.