Readers respond to our Fall Movie Preview, ''Seinfeld,'' and more

By EW Staff
Updated September 22, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fall Classic
You continually astound me with your extensive coverage of the fall onslaught of movie madness (#289/290, Aug. 25/ Sept. 1). With your month-by-month breakdown, buzz on the flicks, and Oscar Watch (which is consistently dead-on, I might add), what more could a movie freak ask for?
Corey J. Sanborn
Brookline, Mass.

Thank you once again for your in-depth preview of the fall movie season. As the father of a 3-year-old, I look to you guys to tell my wife and me which movies are worth paying a babysitter for, and which we’d do better to wait for the video. You’re usually right on the money.
John Ahern
Jamesburg, N.J.

I enjoyed your Fall Movie Preview. I do have one problem, though. In the preview of Nick of Time, starring Johnny Depp, director John Badham compares Depp to Jimmy Stewart. I don’t recall hearing anything about Stewart trashing a hotel room in a temper tantrum.
Hope Ringstad
Everett, Wash.

Given the choice of what to do with $3 in an airport one year ago, I decided to buy, by random choice, an ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. It happened to be the 1994 Fall Movie Preview, which I read, by my estimate, 100 times. It kept me updated for more than four months. Now the 1995 Fall Preview! I loved it!
Jared Davis
Saint George, Utah

In a number of profiles on upcoming films, you made reference to the screenwriter in a tone that seemed to suggest that the writer is somehow pivotal in the filmmaking process. Seeing as EW traditionally chooses to give no credit to the meager contributions of a film’s author, I assume that this was some sort of technical glitch that will be rectified in future issues.
Tom Matthews
Wauwatosa, Wis.

Err in Spelling
Banditos? Banditos? Permit me to enlighten both Gregg Kilday and the headline writer for the Movies section on some rudimentary Espanol. Bandidos! Bandidos!
Hector R. Zacarias Oakland

Television Impaired?
What is Bruce Fretts’ problem with Seinfeld? He goes out of his way to mention that this show isn’t what it used to be. This may be true. Nevertheless, the show remains the most inventive and original comedy on the air (with apologies to Larry Sanders). As for New York Undercover, I haven’t seen enough of this show to judge it, but the characters pictured in your review look nothing like any real-life detectives I’ve ever seen (although I could picture them in a Calvin Klein ad).
Michael Heenan
Palm Harbor, Fla.

Corrections: It was a caller, not Rush Limbaugh, who referred to Jerry Garcia as ”a dead doper,” and we misidentified the director of The Pelican Brief; it was Alan J. Pakula (News & Notes). Also, Jonathan Pryce is the spokesman for Infiniti (Fall Movie Preview).