Readers write in about Selena, 'Babe', Keanu Reeves, and more

Selling Selena

I always anticipate the arrival of your magazine. So imagine my surprise, and pleasure, to find Selena on the cover (#288, Aug. 18). After being reminded of her untimely death by the upcoming trial, it was nice to read an article focusing on what she meant to us when she was here, what she means to us now, and what she’ll mean to us forever.
Stafford, Tex.

The proof of Selena’s transformation into a Mainstream Pop Icon: After her death, People ran a split-run cover story on Selena that was distributed in the Southwest. Now, just a few months later, EW recognizes Selena’s ability to transcend ethnic and regional barriers by featuring her on its cover nationwide.

I approached a street vendor selling Selena shirts and asked, ”Are you a fan, or just interested in making a buck?” He said, ”I don’t know who she is, but she’s paying the phone bill.” Hopefully, your article will make exploiters of this tragedy realize what they’re doing. I’m sure this isn’t the kind of fame Selena had in mind.
Bronx, N.Y.

Pig Heaven

Thanks for your recent article about the film Babe. After reading about the 48 pigs who were bred specifically for the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to them once the filming was finished. Were they placed in a sanctuary or (gasp!) taken to the slaughterhouse?
Rockville, Md.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Trainer Karl Lewis Miller says the pigs were donated to agricultural schools and farms in Australia, and the new owners signed affidavits stipulating that the animals would not be slaughtered. The porkers now weigh more than 300 pounds each.

Keanu Rave

In your review of A Walk in the Clouds, Lisa Schwarzbaum exclaims in horror, ”Keanu Reeves! Why?” Because Alfonso Arau was apparently trying to make a movie that appealed to the eye. Sure, Reeves’ delivery should have been less ”wooden,” but come on — look at this guy! Who cares if he isn’t a brilliant thespian? It’s not like he doesn’t try.

Hollywood Bias?

It’s interesting EW can proclaim ”Jewish executives are running nearly every studio” in the context of an article decrying the supposed dearth of Jewish characters on screen. But it’s a safe bet we’ll never see a feature in which that fact is used to explain the resistance to depicting Arab characters in a remotely sympathetic manner.
Winter Park, Fla.

CORRECTIONS: Alert Schoolhouse Rock fans noticed that an image that ran with a News & Notes piece on the series was from an ABC-created spot on nutrition. Also, due to space constraints, Chris Miller and Mary Hale were not listed among the writers of the upcoming Multiplicity in the Movies section’s In the Works.

Babe: Pig in the City
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