Opening lines from recently published books

By EW Staff
Updated September 15, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

”When I got over to Leonard’s Christmas Eve night, he had the Kentucky Headhunters turned way up … and Leonard, in a kind of Christmas celebration, was once again setting fire to the house next door.”
— From The Two-Bear Mambo, by Joe R. Lansdale

”I don’t mean to bitch, but in the future I intend to hesitate before I do a favor for the friend of a friend. Never have I taken on such a load of grief. At the outset, it all seemed so innocent.”
— From L is For Lawless, by Sue Grafton

”One evening, as Shahid Hasan came out of the communal hall toilet, resecured the door with a piece of looped string, and stood buttoning himself under a dim bulb, the door of the room next to his opened and a man emerged, carrying a briefcase.”
— From The Black Album, by Hanif Kureishi