Inside Tom Arnold and new wife Julie Champnella Arnold's gift registry

By EW Staff
Updated September 08, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

The exact terms of Tom Arnold’s divorce from Roseanne are unknown, but it’s safe to say he didn’t get custody of a chip-and-dip bowl. Why else would Arnold and new bride Julie Champnella Arnold, who were married on July 22, have requested two such bowls on their gift registry at Chicago’s Marshall Field’s department store? Fans thinking about getting the newlyweds a gift should note that both bowls (the $40 glass version and the $25 marble-and-wood number) have been purchased, along with the Mikasa love-knot picture frame ($35), the Farberware electric fry pan ($69.99), the Oxo Pizza/Garlic tool set ($13.20), and the 12 Schott-Zwiesel 23-oz. Bavaria Pilsners ($6 each). But the Arnolds are still waiting for most of their Oneida Aquarius flatware. Cold-meat fork, anyone?