Paul Rudd almost lost ''Clueless'' role -- A bad haircut comes close to costing the actor the part of Josh

By Jessica Shaw
Updated August 25, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

A bad hair day almost cost Clueless hunk Paul Rudd his role as stepbrother Josh opposite Alicia Silverstone. After auditioning for director Amy Heckerling, Rudd — convinced he’d blown his chance — shaved his head. Then he got the news. ”I was in a restaurant and Amy happened to be there,” Rudd recalls, ”and she said, ‘Oh, no! Did you realize if you didn’t cut your hair you would have had the part?”’ Heckerling overlooked the lack of locks and cast Rudd anyway, but his short stuff posed a challenge. ”They kept putting on all these wigs because they thought Josh should have long hair,” says Rudd, who ultimately was permitted to appear au naturel. ”My hair ended up being the most totally nondescript, nonstyled, non-threatening cut,” he says. ”I call it my Steve Guttenberg look.”