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By EW Staff
Updated August 25, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Pearls on Film
My wife and I really enjoyed ”The 100 Greatest Videos for Every Occasion,” but we think you missed a good one. We think your ”When you need a career boost” category screamed for Rudy. We liked it so much we went out and bought it, and any time we need inspiration to pick ourselves up and push for greatness, we pop in Rudy. It works wonders.
David Parrish & Erin Riley
San Diego

Videos for Every Occasion”? I’d love to know the difference between ”When you’re doing stuff around the house,” ”When your soap gets preempted,” and ”When you’re stuck inside on a rainy day.” If you continually find yourself falling under these categories, no video can save you: Get out.
Patrick W. Lynch
Hamilton, N.Y.

Finding Her Voice
I can’t believe that your Encore failed to mention Mae Questel, the most famous voice of Betty Boop. Surely that memorable and inimitable voice deserves some credit for Betty’s lasting popularity!
Jean Merrill
Ft. Thomas, Ky.

All the Reege
There’s a lot of great writing in EW, and Ken Tucker’s ”Reege Under Siege” is a good example: It’s humorous, to the point, and accentuates the positive.
Alice L. Lawrence
Akron, Ohio

Buffett Rebuff
I found David Browne’s review of Jimmy Buffett offensive. I am well aware that Browne doesn’t have to like Buffett’s music, lifestyle, or anything about the man. But I can’t understand why he would drag Jimmy’s fans into the article and review them, as if they were unacceptable to the human race.
Cindy Bushka
Escalon, Calif.

Alan Adelson’s article on Hoop Dreams did an injustice to this year’s Academy-nominated documentaries and to me and my film, Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, which won the Documentary Feature Oscar. Maya Lin won on its merits, not because of some imaginary ”conspiracy.” Perhaps Adelson’s attacks arise from the fact that he wrote, produced, and codirected Lodz Ghetto, a documentary that was submitted to the Academy in 1989 but failed to win a nomination. My understanding is that he has made statements blaming the nominating process for this failure. In other words, it appears Adelson has an ax to grind.
Freida Lee Mock
Santa Monica, Calif.

Adelson replies: Los Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan states in the article that ”all of the committee members know and like Freida,” so they had ”a tendency to vote for her.” There are no attacks on her or her film in the piece. The Academy and president Arthur Hiller did not overhaul the committee’s procedures because it had overlooked Lodz Ghetto but because of the manner in which a few individuals on the otherwise conscientious committee kept Hoop Dreams from being honored by the Academy.