Keanu Reeves back on a bus -- The actor uses city transportation in ''A Walk In the Clouds''

By Cindy Pearlman
Updated August 25, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

You can take Keanu Reeves out of the bus…or can you? A year after the runaway actioner Speed, Reeves is starring in the period romance A Walk in the Clouds. The movie is set mostly among verdant vineyards, yet Reeves’ character still manages to end up on a city bus. ”I had to smile when I read that,” says Reeves. ”My mind is going, ‘I’m back on the bus.”’ And speaking of back on the bus, what about that sequel? ”I don’t know if we’re gonna do Speed 2,” he says, though the actor admits he’s come up with a few ideas to reunite him with Sandra Bullock. ”I think the characters should be married. I’m thinking we should be on our honeymoon in Europe and find ourselves on the autobahn. Or maybe there’s a car crash and we’re on a speeding ambulance. What do you think?” Revs our engine.