August 18, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Tough guys do dance. While on location in Memphis and Chicago filming the upcoming drama A Family Thing, Robert Duvall (Something to Talk About) made an odd request. ”I made sure they installed a dance floor in my hotel,” he says. No, the 64-year-old Oscar winner isn’t making a workout video. He’s exercising his other passion: the tango. ”I practice about two hours a day,” says Duvall, who works on his moves solo. ”I think you should approach your hobby with the same ferociousness you bring to your work.” Did Duvall, who’s working on a script about a tango dancer, get Family costar James Earl Jones to shake a leg? Jones says he’s ”not much of a dancer,” but Duvall won’t be taking no for an answer. ”James and I have to talk. I wonder what he’s doing later?”

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