August 18, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

”The Rachel” is a popular hairdo

Jennifer Aniston’s name isn’t on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but the Friends star sure has a popular hairdo. It’s ”the Rachel,” after her character on the hit sitcom, and fans are flocking to salons to mimic it. ”It’s glamorous in a low-key way,” says Rodney Cutler of Manhattan’s Bumble &amp Bumble, estimating that more than half of his clients are asking for the Rachel, a tonsorial descendant of the Jennie (after Jennie Garth in Beverly Hills, 90210) and the Maggie (after Janine Turner’s Northern Exposure role). A spokesman for Aniston says the actress doesn’t know whether she’s flattered: ”It’s awkward. She doesn’t know how to react.” Jose Eber, stylist to L.A.’s rich and famous, would probably tell her to get over it. ”Nobody,” he says, ”will top ‘the Farrah.”’

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