Jeanne Tripplehorn says no to nude scenes -- The ''Waterworld'' actress helped choose her body-double used to be her butt

By Stephen Schaefer
Updated August 18, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jeanne Tripplehorn said no to a nude scene in Waterworld. But that didn’t keep her from butting in when it came to a body double. ”I said, ‘I’m going to pick the person representing my derriere,”’ the actress recalls. Eventually, three finalists were ushered into her trailer wearing nothing but terry cover-ups. ”I said, ‘Ladies, drop the robes!’ We were all laughing so hard because the situation was so bizarre,” says Tripplehorn, who never abandoned her double on ship. ”I stayed by the camera and gave her a robe,” she says. ”If we were trying another take, I held the towel up. She was out there naked on a boat with mostly men. I really felt for her.”

Land Values in a Watery ‘World’
How high would the seas really rise if the landed ice sheets melted? Not to the levels depicted in Waterworld, but about 240 feet, claims the International Panel on Climate Change. That’s bad news for most coastal cities, but there is an upside. Environmentalist Elliott Norse says real estate values in the newly waterfronted Appalachians ”would go through the roof.”