Cybertalk: What stars are saying online -- Quotes from Sandra Bullock, Mark Romanek, and Stewart Copeland

By EW Staff
Updated August 04, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

”I started in movies by doing small student films in New York and waitressing, two very important talents to have as an actor.”
Sandra Bullock on America Online

”A director hears a song and devises images to enhance the song, writes a treatment describing those ideas, haggles with the artist’s manager and the record label about the budget, shoots a compromised version of his vision, puts most of his fee into the work, and then gets ignored at the video awards.”
Mark Romanek, director of Michael Jackson’s ”Scream” and Madonna’s ”Bedtime Story,” on America Online

”[The] Police was the perfect parabola for a group. Nobody died, nobody got arrested, we all got rich.”
Stewart Copeland on the Internet