Collectibles to get and those to avoid -- Watch for ''Apollo 13,'' ''Roseanne,'' and ''Waterworld'' memorabilia

By Mitch Frank and Joshua Holbreich
Updated August 04, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Get It
1. A budget breakdown from Waterworld. Or, says Paul Jenkins of Christie’s, any document that ”the suits at Universal have access to.”
2. Clothing or furniture from Roseanne. ”The show has a very distinctive look,” Jenkins says. ”It’s one of the biggest recent sitcoms and you see nothing [from it] on the market.”
3. Things you might expect to see at the Smithsonian, such as Tom Hanks’ Apollo 13 space suit.
4. Event tickets. Notes Jenkins, ”Someone who has a ticket to the first Beatles show in Liverpool is rich.”
5. Rapper Flavor Flav’s oversize clock necklace.

Skip It
1. Anything else from Waterworld.
2. Anything that won’t end up in the Smithsonian, like Macaulay Culkin’s Getting Even With Dad baseball cap.
3. Pocahontas collectibles; Pogs. ”The idea,” Jenkins says, ”is to collect something not everyone else is.”
4. A cappuccino maker from Friends. The show is too visually bland to be memorabilia-friendly.
5. Yanni’s favorite piano. ”I could probably sell anything from any pop star,” says Jenkins. ”It’s just that no one has ever asked me for anything Yanni.”