''Another World'' known for fine acting -- The show needs a dose of sex and controversy

By Alan Carter
August 04, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Since its 1964 debut, NBC’s Another World has survived on the basis of its fine acting. Good news: The acting is still Emmy-worthy (and love the theme). Bad news: Who watches daytime for the acting? This soap needs some sex and controversy. Fast. Linda Dano and Randy Brooks’ interracial romance was promising, but if you blinked, you missed it. The production also needs a cash infusion. Those ancient sets are dark and creepy. And the costumes? Clown-college rejects. Famous grads: Morgan Freeman, Faith Ford, Ray Liotta, Eric Roberts. Hunk/babe alert: Timothy Gibbs (Gary) and Kevin McClatchy (Nick) are welcome additions to the hunk-lite AW, but they’re all talk and no action. Someone, take off their clothes! Anna Holbrook (Sharlene) is a classic beauty, but she has been turned into a schlump. Recommended dosage: Tape it and skim.

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