100 videos for every occasion -- A guide to what to watch in different situations

By EW Staff
Updated August 04, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Your video store may be neatly organized by genre. Too bad your life isn’t. The retail shelves, the film reference books, and the movie guides on CD-ROM are all well and good, as long as you’ve already decided, say, to rent a vintage Western or a Preston Sturges film. But what if you don’t know if you’d really enjoy anything in those categories — if, in fact, you’re not entirely sure who Preston Sturges is? What if all you know is: The two of you are finally going to be home alone tonight, and you absolutely have to find exactly the right video to rent? Or: The kids want to watch a video, and if they play The Lion King one more time, you’ll bite their heads off. In other words, the best possible way to decide which videocassettes or laserdiscs to rent or buy is to consider when and why you’re watching.

By Jason Cochran, Steve Daly, Glenn Kenny, Lois Alter Mark, Chris Nashawaty, Tim Purtell, Michael Sauter, and J.R. Taylor