Soaps bring back familiar characters for ratings -- Nola, Bo, and Luke and Laura will return to their daytime dramas

By Alan Carter
Updated July 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hoping to revive daytime’s current moribund ratings, soaps have been desperately — and carelessly — bringing back stars from yesteryear. Most recently, Guiding Light announced that Lisa Brown would reprise her 1980-85 role as the naughty Nola. Wouldn’t it be easier to fix these shows with existing cast members? Though it worked with General Hospital”s Luke and Laura, new writers often can’t re-create the magic with returning stars. Stranger, however, is NBC’s handling of the imminent return of Peter Reckell as Days of Our Lives‘ brawny Bo. Why has the network been pumping up the role while it’s still being played by shirtless wonder Robert Kelker-Kelly? NBC even chose the on-his-way-out actor to cohost the recent Daytime Emmys. I guess Dumb and Dumber isn’t just a movie anymore.