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By EW Staff
Updated July 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Into the Cool
Now you’ve done it — you had to put the sexiest, most mysterious actor to heat up the big screen on your cover for the whole country to see. Now everyone will realize what I’ve known about Val Kilmer since Real Genius. It’s just a shame it took 10 years and the name ”Batman” for this marvel of a performer to get the spotlight he deserves!
April Harrison
Whittier, Calif.

I want to compliment EW on ”The Cool Issue.” The photography, especially of Val Kilmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Peter MacNicol, was gorgeous. You’ve made this magazine a work of art.
Jacqueline Cobian
River Falls, Wis.

Thanks for the article featuring Tim Roth. One of the most talented and underappreciated actors in Hollywood has finally gotten some long-due recognition — and you couldn’t have picked a better issue. They don’t come any cooler.
Elizabeth VanWinkle
Lake Charles, La.

”Cool issue” and only one mention of The Simpsons? C’mon, get with it.
Roland Palmer
Norman, Okla.

Thanks for including Emma Peel in ”The Cool Issue” this year. While I’m glad she and her look are in again, I don’t think Emma Peel will ever go out of style.
Ed Baker
Lakewood, Ohio

Well, look who’s standing in a glass house with a handful of stones. Bruce Willis’ comments about the local news being ”90 percent about…people being shot, run over, stabbed, blown up” are correct. When he says the news shows sell that, he is correct. I also think these comments can define about 90 percent of Willis’ career.
Melissa Gardner
Anaheim, Calif.

You say that Urkel, one of the most annoying, unfunny characters on TV, is cool, and yet you say that David Letterman and his show are full of ”tired gags [and] predictable format.” Yeah, that Dan Rather-singing-with-R.E.M. thing has just been done to death.
Michael Schiavo
Southbury, Conn.

I’m shocked, astounded, and mortified at the appearance of David Letterman on the Cold page. Transcending ever-shifting trends, Letterman’s show is the only reliable, clever, and consistently intelligent entertainment television has to offer. EW reprints quotes from him in Sound Bites regularly, and now this cheap shot? Letterman’s hair may be wearing thin, but his class act is fully intact.
Eric Kurt
Holland, Mich.

Being that ”cool” was the topic of the issue, I was deeply amused that on the back cover, there was an ad for Kool cigarettes. Was this intentional?
Kevin Rosenberg
Vienna, Va.

But cool of you to notice.