The 15 hottest topics the week of July 28, 1995

By Jim Mullen
Updated July 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Rush Limbaugh
His decorator says he’s owed 100 grand. Hey, living in the 18th century will cost you.

2 The Swimsuit Competition
Miss America viewers will vote on if it stays or goes. Nonviewers already have.

3 Free Willy 2
If the kid would free a smarter whale, we wouldn’t have to go through this every year.

4 Chez Lizzie Borden
The accused ax-murderer’s house a bed-and-breakfast? Don’t order the corned beef hash.

5 The Real World
The MTV hit has moved to London. If you can make it there, you can make it in, uh, Ottawa.

6 Marlon Brando
He may become an Irish citizen. Tahiti’s already sent a thank-you note.

7 Queen Elizabeth’s Diet
Doctors want her to cut out some favorite foods. There go the suet snacks!

8 Deer Tick Panic
Like people who walk Times Square at midnight are worried about bugs when they go to the country.

9 Gangs in the Military
It’s the end of the world as we know it! Oh…I thought you said gays in the military.

10 High-Fashion Unions
Teamsters want to organize models. What if they resist? Threaten to break their nails.

11 Hair Club for Kids
For $75, a company will test your kid’s hair for drugs. Since you’re never home, should the results be sent to your office?

12 Pulp Advertising
Quentin Tarantino will direct TV commercials. Let’s hope the Miracle Ear people give him a call.

13 TV Nation
Michael Moore’s newsmagazine has found a home at Fox — until he tries an expose called ”Rupert and Me.”

14 Donahue
Could be its final season. Now audiences want you to be vulgar and young.

15 Charlie Sheen
The only celebrity named in the Heidi Fleiss case. Some little black book. More like a little black index card.