How true to teen reality is ''Clueless''? -- Real teens weigh in on the characters' fashion, lingo, lifestyle, and plastic surgery

By Kim Ratcliff
Updated July 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT


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To get the 411 on the Beverly Hills High School scene, we collared some real students for their take on the lives of their Clueless counterparts. Is it totally true, or, like, only partially?

The flick: BHH babe Cher (Alicia Silverstone) steps out to a house party in an Azzedine Alaia jacket, and has a motorized clothing rack in her closet for organizing the serious designer ensembles she wears to school every day.
True or faux? Faux. ”It was way exaggerated,” says Nola Singer, 16. Lauren Lipton, 16, admits to owning some finery — ”Vivienne Westwood and my Ghost” — but wouldn’t dream of wearing them to any old high school party. ”Too dressy,” she insists. So what is the uniform? ”75 percent of the students wear jeans,” says BHH grad Amir Zarrinpar.

The flick: A ”Baldwin” is a cute guy; a ”Barney” is a dork; and a ”Monet” — the cruelest cut of all — is someone who’s beautiful from afar but a mess close up.
True or faux? Totally faux. ”I say a good-looking guy is cute — nothing extravagant like Baldwin,” says Lipton.

The flick: Cellular phones, 320i Beemers, convertible ‘Vettes, and personal trainers are essential props.
True or faux? True: C-phones and pagers are common, but, says Singer, ”If a teacher sees you with one and she’s a bitch, she’ll take it away and keep it until the end of the day.” Personal trainers are rare, but Range Rovers are de rigueur in the parking lot. Orin Segal, 16, knows one kid who drives a Hummer. ”It was a hand-me-down from his dad.”

Plastic Surgery
The flick: Students roam the halls with their chins and noses swathed in gauze.
True or faux? Faux, mostly. Bandages are hardly ever spotted because, ”People get it done over vacation so they come back to school with a new nose,” says ’95 grad Gisselle Fahimian. ”But I’ve only seen four nose jobs, and their past noses were pretty bad.” The students cite no known chin jobs, pec implants, or liposuction.

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