Actors with persistent personae -- Anne Archer, Ronny Cox, Ron Perlman, and Donald Sutherland have been typecast

By J.R. Taylor
Updated July 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

In Bad Company, Frank Langella is the humorlessly suave personification of corporate evil — not much of a stretch, considering he had virtually the same role in both Junior and Dave. But Langella isn’t the only actor who knows a good type when he plays one.

Anne Archer
Though there aren’t many ”good wife” roles out there, after playing reliable spouses in Fatal Attraction and Patriot Games, Archer has practically become the new Donna Reed. Even as a sexy secretary in Body of Evidence, she still comes off as faithful to her late boss/paramour.

Ronny Cox
Since he starred as the kindly father on the saccharine ’70s television series Apple’s Way, Cox has parlayed his trademark white-guy expressionlessness into a movie career as a villainous hard-ass in such films as RoboCop and Total Recall. At least he was a scrupulous hard-ass in the three Beverly Hills Cop films.

Jeroen Krabbe
Proving just how versatile a typecast actor can be, Krabbe was utterly creepy as both a bayou thug in No Mercy and a pretentious novelist in Crossing Delancey. He continues to be the dependably oily adversary in everything from action films (The Fugitive) to sensitive dramas (The Prince of Tides).

Ron Perlman
He seemed so classy as a half-lion freak in TV’s Beauty and the Beast, but since emerging from the sewers, Perlman’s continually been playing well-tailored thugs. At least the genres are varied: the horror import Cronos Device, the direct-to-video thriller When the Bough Breaks, the attempted comedy Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, and the shaggy-dog tale Fluke.

Donald Sutherland
If you liked him in his reptilian role as Michael Douglas’ untrustworthy boss in Disclosure, then you probably loved his reptilian roles as an American military man in Outbreak and a Communist military man in Citizen X. For a change of pace, check him out as a reptilian military informer in JFK.