Pierce Brosnan steps in as James Bond -- ''Goldeneye'' brings a new look to the Cold War spy

By Michael Sauter
Updated July 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

”It’s a new world with new enemies,” trumpets the tag line of United Artists’ trailer for Goldeneye. ”But you can still depend on one man.” A familiar silhouetted figure strides across the screen, whirling his gun and blasting away at the on-screen graphics until they spell…007! ”You were expecting someone else?” quips Pierce Brosnan, the new James Bond, as he saunters into the light. Actually, given all the hype surrounding his arrival, Mr. Brosnan is exactly whom we were expecting — and judging by the applause this preview is getting, audiences have already accepted him in the role that made Sean Connery famous. But can the Cold War’s coolest spy still cut it in the age of Über-action? He sure does in this stunt-driven trailer, which shows Bond swinging Batman-style through a wall of glass, doing an epic swan dive off a Hoover-scale dam, and taking on a bevy of Bond girls (including Famke Janssen), good and bad. Of course, none of this would mean much if the new guy didn’t also look good in a dinner jacket. And Brosnan looks smashing. Bring on the new enemies.