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By EW Staff
July 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Apollo Heat
Your article on Apollo 13 was great. It is wonderful to see such a talented actor as Tom Hanks expanding his already wide horizons into such challenging roles. You gave a good preview of how true to life this movie is with the details of the actors’ training. I have not yet seen the movie, but you have already sold me that it will be one of the most exciting and thrilling of this year.
Robin Capezzuto
Edinboro, Pa.

Generally EW’s covers are as flashy as any newsstand magazine’s. And I was hoping Apollo 13 would capture the cover, as it did. However, your frequent use of black-and-white photographs for cover art is annoying. Black and white may be hip, but it’s also dull.
Brad Rpsenthal

Under Appreciated
In your June 23 Music section you name Six Feet Under as the band name of the week. Well, my band Six Feet Under recorded for Scepter Records from 1968 to 1969. In fact, an earlier version of my Six Feet Under featured Tico Torres, current Bon Jovi percussionist, on drums! I wish the new Six Feet Under better luck than we had. We broke up in 1970 and since have appeared on record only once — on a mid-1980s retro-revival of obscure psychedelic recordings. But thanks, it was great to see the name in print again!
Jerry Dobb
Westerville, Ohio

Disgusted by network TV many years ago, I’ve been watching most of the shows mentioned in ”Alterna-TV.” But there are many more shows that could make your list. They are entertaining, informational, enjoyable — a viable alternative to the trash being heaped on us.
Roger A. Moore
Moore, Okla.

I enjoyed your article ”Alterna-TV.” It’s great to see you guys giving lesser-known TV shows some recognition!
Vivian Hsu Burbank, Calif.

The Newt Frontier
So, Jim Mullen jokes about burning Newt Gingrich’s book? Sieg Heil! Excoriate me on missing the humor. It must be all that smoke in the air. Maybe Mullen could help with my confusion. Does Newt’s book go in before or after The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
Paul Lee

Batman vs. Pocahontas
How could Owen Gleiberman rate Batman Forever a B and Pocahontas a C? Batman is a tasteless, violent disappointment of lurid explosions and half-witted one-liners, the plot of which was lost before the movie began. Pocahontas is a movie with spirit, one that the whole family could love — not boring cornball humor that only Jim Carrey fans could love.
Johnathan Pilkington
Pine Level, N.C.