The 15 hottest topics the week of July 21, 1995

By Jim Mullen
Updated July 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Nine Months
”Hasn’t anybody got some new ideas on how we can get some publicity for this thing?”

2 Kodak
It says barriers keep it from selling much film in Japan. You mean every Japanese person with a camera isn’t over here?

3 The V-Chip
Politicians want one in every TV set to let parents lock out violent shows. Only if it’ll block campaign ads, too.

4 Caverject
A new drug that’s supposed to cure impotence. Wouldn’t you know, it’s from a company called Upjohn.

5 Pamplona, Spain
Crazed bulls chase loud drunks along narrow streets. They must be having an NYPD convention.

6 Carly Simon
She blames her mom for a lot of problems. ”Dammit, I’m rich, famous, and beautiful. How could you do that to me?”

7 Hideo Nomo
The rookie Japanese pitcher speaks very little English. Not to worry, soon he’ll be able to say ”players’ strike” like a native.

8 The Stock Market
There’s only one thing that can stop this incredible bull market. Putting your money into it.

9 Boris Yeltsin
He’s entered the hospital with a ”heart” condition. They’d operate, but he has rare blood: 90-proof type A.

10 Roseanne
She says more women should kill their husbands. I take it she wrote her own vows.

11 Princess Di
A ”biographer” claims she’s been hitting the vodka. Well, it’s not like she’s going to screw up at work.

12 Grateful Dead
Is this the mosh pit or the line to get in?

13 Under Siege 2
Steven Seagal foils a terrorist on a train. Even with the special effects, though, they still couldn’t get his face to move.

14 The Indian in the Cupboard
Lucky you. We have earwigs.

15 Bill Gates
How wealthy is he? He buys soap and toothpaste at the airport.