Quotes from Sean Young, Rodney Dangerfield, Ron Howard, and Harry Shearer the week of July 21, 1995

By EW Staff
July 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

”When women can start trusting each other, and stop degrading themselves, and stand up for themselves without a lot of drama…perhaps we’ll find that the attitudes will start being shaped by women more and more.”
Sean Young, without irony, on America Online

”I get less respect now…. Siskel and Ebert caught my act. They gave me one finger up.”
Rodney Dangerfield on Prodigy

”I want to follow in John Huston’s footsteps — still directing while being hauled around in a wheelchair by an attractive nurse.”
Ron Howard on AOL

”Returning to SNL? Frankly, that was the sentence I was going to suggest for O.J.”
Harry Shearer on AOL