A critical survey of most played songs -- ''Better Than Nothing,'' ''Any Man of Mine,'' and ''Brown Sugar'' are graded

By David BrowneMichele Romero and Bob Cannon
Updated July 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

A critical survey of most played songs

A random, critical survey of the week’s most played — and sometimes most compelling — tunes.

”Better Than Nothing,” Jennifer Trynin
Don’t be fooled by Trynin’s dazed and confused delivery. The singer offers up the most provocative opening line of the year — ”maybe we could talk in the shower” — and backs it up with lean and crunchy power chords. A-

”Any Man of Mine,” Shania Twain
On her cross between a two-step and ”We Will Rock You,” Twain demands that her man not only endure childish moods and blackened dinners but be the ”breathtakin’, earthquakin’ kind.” A giggle at the end implies she’s put one over on him. Guess again, Shania. C-

”Brown Sugar,” D’Angelo
The newest kid on R &amp B’s block pours syrupy vocals over a thick stack of bass chords. And, like Mick Jagger, he’s swooning over drugs, not a woman. The soul-infused effect is blissful. A