''The Brady Bunch'' versus ''The Wild Bunch'' -- The differences between the two shows that debuted in 1969

By A.J. Jacobs and Chris Nashawaty
Updated July 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Coincidence or cosmic plan? When the Bradys debuted on TV back in 1969, they weren’t the only new bunch in America. That same year a posse of Western outlaws called the Wild Bunch crowded big screens across the country. Now, 26 years later, both bunches have received makeovers — a restored wide-screen Wild Bunch hits video stores Aug. 15. How can you tell them apart?

Brady Bunch: Eight family members.
Wild Bunch: Eight posse members.

BB: Neighborhood meat man known as Sam the Butcher.
WB: Director Sam Peckinpah known as Bloody Sam.

BB: Mike Brady (Gary Cole) is bravely bringing up ”three boys of his own.”
WB: Actor Ernest Borgnine previously starred in 1957’s Three Brave Men.

BB: Peter (Paul Sutera) touts virtues of ”pork chops and applesauce.”
WB: Dutch Engstrom (Borgnine) sports muttonchops and is on the sauce.

BB: Marcia (Christine Taylor) obsesses about having two dates to school dance.
WB: Lyle Gorch (Warren Oates) brags about having sex with two women at once.

BB: In previous role, star Shelley Long was famous barmaid.
WB: In real life, director Peckinpah was infamous barfly.

BB: Critic’s reaction: ”We will see it again…with large groups of friends” (The Washington Post).
WB: Critic’s reaction: ”If you want to see The Wild Bunch, be sure and take along a barf bag” (New York magazine).