By David Browne
Updated July 14, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

There’s no mistaking what band lead Foo Fighter Dave Grohl once drummed in. On the mostly one-man-band project, Foo Fighters, his songs pack the riffy wallop of unpolished Nirvana demos, and his voice has Kurt Cobain’s lunging, over-the-top passion, the same desire to purge himself through music. Cobain appears to be the subject of a few songs too: ”I still refuse all the methods you’ve abused,” Grohl chastises. In spite of the derivativeness, Grohl manages to stake out his own unmowed turf. Most of these songs are so disarmingly hooky, and yet such a raw blast of energy, that it’s as if Lennon and McCartney had grown up in Seattle. Not necessarily an important album, but a surprising one. B+