What stars think of cool and uncool -- Jennifer Anniston, Bruce Willis, and Sarah Jessica Parker define the two concepts

By EW Staff
Updated June 30, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Bruce Willis
Star of Die Hard With a Vengeance
Cool: Tom Jones. If Elvis were alive today, he’d be carrying Tom Jones’ luggage.
Uncool: The local news. Ninety percent of it is about dead people. People being shot, run over, stabbed, blown up, whatever. And the news shows are selling that. It’s sick.

Matthew Perry
Costar of Friends
Cool: The fact that when David Hasselhoff runs along the beach on Baywatch, they always cut to slow motion so you can really see him run.
Uncool: Oddly enough, that’s uncool as well.

Claudia Schiffer
Cool: Blue Man Group.
Uncool: Tank tops.

Jon Stewart
Host of The Jon Stewart Show
Cool: Cyber anything.
Uncool: People tripping or getting hit in the nuts and capturing it on home video.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Star of Miami Rhapsody
Cool: Living in New York City and actually being able to afford an air conditioner.
Uncool: Bob Dole indicting the entertainment industry and striking out in a McCarthy-like manner.

Jimmy Smits
Costar of NYPD Blue and My Family
Cool: Movies directed by Latinos starring all-Latino casts.
Uncool: People asking me if there’s racism in Hollywood. When can we get over it once and for all?

George Clooney
Costar of ER
Cool: Breathable cotton is literally cool.
Uncool: Bars closing at 2 a.m.

Bill Maher
Host of Politically Incorrect
Cool: Breathable cotton is literally cool.
Uncool: Bald chicks, drinks named after sex acts, and sidebars.

Luke Perry
Costar of Beverly Hills, 90210
Cool: Mike Tyson out and ready to go at it again.
Uncool: The baseball strike. I don’t care about baseball anymore.

Mel Gibson
Star of Braveheart and Pocahontas
Cool: Puccini. I just love him. I love turning on an opera and just grooving.
Uncool: Politicians. I think the way it is in most countries, the tail wags the dog, right?

Denis Leary
Costar of Operation Dumbo Drop
Cool: Sex, food, pants, shoes, hair.
Uncool: War, death, mucus, dandruff, ABBA.

Garry Marshall
Director of Exit to Eden
Cool: Knowing who Robert Crumb was before the documentary. Knowing Heidi Fleiss before she got busted. Dennis Rodman’s hair.
Uncool: The Bee Gees. French fashions that only fit Kate Moss. Dennis Rodman’s attitude.

David Duchovny
Star of The X-Files
Cool: The anticool.
Uncool: Me in linen shirts.

Francis Ford Coppola
Executive producer of My Family
Cool: Original stories in film; they’re very rare these days.
Uncool: New young directors coming to Hollywood. I advise them to stay home and direct one-act plays.

Laura Leighton
Costar, Melrose Place
Cool: Supporting a great charity.
Uncool: Having wisdom teeth taken out.